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The Firm

Golden Square Mile Asset Management is an independent financial technology and investment firm based in Montreal.

Through our data-driven systematic investing process, we pursue sustainable risk-adjusted returns on the capital we invest for our clients, while adhering to principles of technological innovation.

We continuously monitor today’s evolving financial markets and apply pioneering strategies with built-in risk management to protect our clients’ assets.

Systematic investing

Golden Square Mile’s mission is to generate sustainable, positive returns for its investors while maintaining a low correlation with major market indices. We prioritize capital preservation and risk management.

Our process integrates the world's market data into our financial technology to optimally deploy our clients' capital. We leverage machine learning techniques, statistical models and computing power to cultivate first-class quantitative strategies. Each strategy starts with an investment thesis that is developed through a structured research process. Finally, our cutting-edge innovations enable us to implement algorithmic execution, allowing for calculated, minimized risk while eliminating human bias.

Our Culture

At Golden Square Mile, we pride ourselves on transparency with our clients. As a team, we adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards. Rooted in Montreal’s artificial intelligence research community, we seek to harness the city’s untapped talent to its fullest potential. We are a young and dynamic firm, and we believe in creating meaningful relationships. Our horizontal management structure fosters openness and the unfiltered sharing of ideas. We have built a highly collaborative, intellectually vibrant atmosphere where we can reach our ambitious goals.